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Janice Eliovson Art

Postcards From My Heart - Autumn Union

Postcards From My Heart - Autumn Union

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Material and Medium

‘Postcards From My Heart’ is a  series comprised of 9 mixed media abstract paintings. Their diminutive size unite to deliver visual variety in the form of symbolism, a complimentary colour palette and repeating use of light and dark to bring images into focus.  Each painting has a story to tell which is beautiful when paired with its partners and equally as beguiling when appreciated alone. 

Autumn Union

Born from interest in the ancient art of yoga, hand drawn images of stick men in posture (asana), connect with purple tree branches and radiating soft tones of lilac.  This painting calls on a connection to nature and oneself with the use of a delicate dried leaf skeleton and abstract elongated brush strokes hinting at the shape of trees.


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