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29 June 2022 - News Article (Click on image to read)

From a very young age in Johannesburg, Janice Eliovson remembers being surrounded by a family steeped in creativity.

“In a world rich with writing, painting, music and photography, I remember being particularly intrigued by my late grandmother’s creative studio space,” she wrote to The AJN.

Sima Eliovson, Janice’s granny, was a household name in South Africa, largely due to her multiple horticultural and children’s books that were published between the 1950s and 1990s.

Eliovson took great joy and comfort from her family’s creativity.

“I think it was then, deep in my subconscious, that a curiosity of the joy that creativity can bring, was sparked,” she said.

Her career path took Eliovson into restaurants, and as a chef, she created culinary delights for patrons, explaining that her artistic flair was always present, although it took a while for her to realise just how important art was to her life.

Eliovson has spent most of her adult life in Sydney, explaining that while she is proud to be known as a mum, wife, teacher and daughter, recently she added artist to the list, something that she says is extremely fulfilling.

“When the pandemic began, I tried to find home-based activities for myself and my children. Art was already something we loved to do together but we soon became immersed in it until gradually it called to me every waking moment of the day,” she said.

Eliovson committed to an online intuitive painting workshop, something she relished.

“It was almost as if in getting lost in the process, the true me had finally been found. When painting, I lost track of time, felt uplifted, unburdened, and alive … with each and every mark made on the canvas, outside noise retreated into the background to reveal a highly focused, all-consuming calmness of presence.”

Eliovson found herself spending hours in her studio, finding joy and comfort in being creative again, and finding a new way to practice mindfulness, something she used to do as a yoga and meditation teacher.

Her art, she explained, is deeply personal.

“To know my art is to know me and, at first, laying myself open to sharing it made me feel extremely vulnerable.”

Since the end of 2021, Eliovson has sold artworks around the world. Her first exhibition will be held in Gerringong, opening next week.

“It’s been almost 40 years since I was that curious little girl at home in Johannesburg,” Eliovson reminisced. “I would love to go back now and let her know that despite twists and turns in the road, it’s never too late to pursue a passion and realise a dream.”

On the Wall Artist will be at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong from June 27 – August 7.

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