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Janice Eliovson Art

Inside with Whale

Inside with Whale

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Material and Medium

As an intuitive artist, I never know how a painting will turn out once completed which is part of the magic of creativity that I adore.  From the start of this painting I held the intention of water in my awareness. As I journeyed with my brushes and paints, I found my connection to the energy of the ocean became stronger. It was as if I was inside the ocean seeing into all its deep crevices, feeling its movement, connecting to its essence and that of the ancient giants who call the ocean home.  Painting this was like a moving meditation where I experienced a calm sense within and the feeling of being visited by these giants.

The combination of the cool blues and warm neutral tones bring a sense of crispness and calm which invites a sensation of floating into the viewers awareness.  The colours of the Paua shell create a fantasy world. It’s as if a transverse slice appears from beneath the water surface, where a long light diagonal line of movement, suggestive of sea foam, stretches along the water’s surface back to the horizon. The far distance suggests a moody sky filled with saturated clouds and elements in the distant galaxy.

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