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Janice Eliovson Art

Eucalyptus Sunshine

Eucalyptus Sunshine

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Medium and Material

Eucalyptus Sunshine is an ethereal and abstract representation of my intuitive interpretation of eucalypt trees basking in the pockets of the snuggly winter sunshine. 

You know that feeling when the winter sun beams through your clothes it seems to warm and comfort your soul?  Well, this is how the rich, golden earthy colours behave when gazing at this artwork.

Hand painting every leaf resulted in a meditative experience which is reproduced when gazing at this overall soothing and tranquil artwork.

Enjoy the pockets of detail within each leaf and the surrounds inviting opportunities of contemplation and visual meditation, bringing calm into any bedroom, office and living space.

This artwork was created at the same time as two additional pieces, Eucalyptus Rouge and Eucalyptus Winter, please take a look.

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