About Janice

Janice Eliovson is an emerging Sydney abstract artist, who's artistic journey is a testament to the power of personal exploration and passion. She draws inspiration from her grandmother and father, who have instilled a love for creativity from an early age.


Working predominantly with bold colour choices in acrylic and mixed media Eliovson builds depth through visual story telling.  She uses her art practice as a means to delve more deeply into opportunities to build bridges between our internal landscapes, through introspection and self-expression, while connecting to the natural world. 


Natures boundless inspiration captivate Eliovson's imagination and inform her artistic choices.  A fusion of personal experiences and a deep love for both the African and Australian environments seep into her work, creating a unique blend of cultural and environmental influences.


Eliovson's artistic process is intuitive, allowing emotions and instincts to guide. This approach allows for an organic and authentic expression of her inner thoughts and feelings. Colours and mark-making play a pivotal role as the anchor of her expression. Symbols, hues and marks carry significance, evoking different moods and sparking connections. She aims to create a visual language that speaks to the depths and complexities of emotions.


Eliovson shared with vulnerability some insight behind the drive of her creations.  "Art has invited healing into my life with colour being the heart beat of each piece. This healing through intuitive painting is enormously welcomed following the tragic passing of my eldest son, who was stillborn. My artworks are opportunities for me to connect to spirit, and create imaginative, vibrant, unfinished visual poetry.  The sanctuary gifted to me through painting has offered healing and exponential grow. Through my art, I find solace, joy, and a sense of openness to my environment."


Awarded 'Honourable Mention' in 2024 with Ten Moir Gallery, a finalist in the 2023 Hunter’s Hill Art Prize and nomination as ‘Best of the Exhibition’ in 2021 at the International Women’s Day Art Prize are testament to her success as an emerging artist.


Her work features in homes and private collections in Australia, South Africa, England, America ad Europe.


“Bold and vibrant colours are of special interest to me. I love hearing when collectors have had an emotional experience and are moved emotionally when looking at my paintings bringing about a deeper connection to nature and self.”

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